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Hot Pants Were The Sexiest Clothing of the 1960s and 1970s

Hot pants, or ‘short shorts’ describe extremely short shorts, which may be worn by women or to a lesser extent, by men. The term was first used by Women’s Wear Daily in 1970 to describe shorts made in luxury fabrics such as velvet and satin for fashionable wear, rather than their more practical equivalents that had been […]

Strike a Pose – Australian Fashion Photos in 1960s and 1970s

'Granny' dresses, 1975

In 2008 the National Archives created the touring exhibition Strike a Pose, with guest curator Lee Lin Chin. Australian style of the 1960s and 70s is explored through the eyes of government photographers during a period of cultural and social change. A sample of photographs from Strike a Pose are showcased here, along with commentary by Lee Lin Chin. (Via Australian Archives) You […]

The 10 Best Dance Crazes from the 1960s – Shake It!

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. ” ― Dave Barry The Sixties was recognized as a decade of transition from the conservative Fifties and also the birth of revolutionary ways to live, Sixties Dancesthink, and create. In the entertainment industry, many changes happened in the world of dance. The […]

Vintage Photos Show How Women Straighten Their Hair With a Clothes Iron From the 1960s

Hair straighteners have become popular in the early 1960s and have been in use ever since. Some women used clothes irons to straighten their hair. This dangerous practice was abandoned after the 1960s although it can still be found in some countries. The sexual revolution was not the only backlash against the idealistic demands placed […]

The First Alien-Abduction Account Described a Medical Exam with a Crude Pregnancy Test

The space creatures also got excited about dentures, according to Barney and Betty Hill’s story of their 1961 ‘close encounter,’ investigated by the Air Force’s secret UFO initiative. Is it chasing us? That thought coursed through Betty and Barney Hill’s minds as they drove their ’57 Chevy Bel Air down the empty winding country road in […]

These Vintage Photos Reveal New York City Fashion of the 1960s

Women’s 1960s fashion was an extreme style and attitude from the start of the decade to the end. In the early years the fashion idol was Jackie Kennedy with her perfectly white pearls and tailored suit dresses. By the the middle of the decade supper model Twiggy had women freeing their minds and bodies into […]

Photos of New York City’s Street Scenes from between the 1960s-70s

Photos of New York City’s Street Scenes from between the 1960s-70s

Photographer Paul McDonough has a knack for catching passing, off-kilter incongruities on the New York City streets. He arrived in the city in 1967 and started taking photographs of unique moments happening around him; the New York City 1968-1972 series is said to be his first as a photographer. Capturing weirdness on the streets of New York City might […]

18 Hilariously Awkward Haircuts of Vintage Christian Album Covers

18 Hilariously Awkward Haircuts of Vintage Christian Album Covers

The digital music revolution has, for the most part, been great for music fans. But even though listening to music online costs less and gives you access to millions and millions of songs you might not otherwise hear, one thing has sadly been lost in the streaming era: Appreciation for incredible album art. Sure, we […]